Newcastle Brown Ale – Review

Mikey and I made the Newcastle Brown Ale a few weeks ago and it’s finally ready for tasting.

This was a 23 litre kit that we bought.  It was a little bit more than a standard can of wort and a kilo of malt, but pretty similar.  Nice easy kit to make and it made a pretty decent beer as well.

Pouring it, the beer looked good.  Head retention was good, as was carbonation.brown ale

The nose was very crisp.  Floral and fruit smells were there, most likely from the Fuggles hops.  These were mostly melon and citrus smells.  This was mixed in with more earthy smell.  Generally though, the smell was mostly just bitter and crisp smells with a hint of sourness.

Drinking the beer, it’s notable how “standard” this beer is.  This isn’t a bad thing: it’s a good tasting British style brown ale.  It’s not trying to be anything it’s not, just an enjoyable beer.  Of course this makes for very easy drinking.  It would be easy to knock back a few of these.

Everything is very balanced.  There’s nothing terribly interesting about the hops; bitter and sour flavours throughout.  The earthy feel continues at the end.  In the middle, there is a hint of sweetness and malt which is where the body comes out.  Other flavours included burnt chocolate and citrus peel.

i would have liked a little more body, it just seems a little thin for me.  Checking back over the recipe, it seemed like there was a good amount of malt added: a can of liquid malt, some dry malt, and whatever was in the wort can.  Oh well…

I’d like this beer with some pizza I think.  Any food that is about medium in density – not heavy, not light.  Avoid a seafood pizza though.


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One thought on “Newcastle Brown Ale – Review

  1. mikey says:

    This is a hard beer for me to review. On one hand, it is easy to drink and nice enough flavours to keep you interested if you were to have a few in a session. On the other hand, there’s not a lot of body, it’s lacking in complexity for a really good beer, and a little too sweet for a proper session beer.

    It sort of comes in as the beer that thought it could, but really couldn’t. Then again I might just be a bit too fussy.

    Agree with you Chas on the balance. It’s all working well. Only issue is there’s a bit more sugar sweetness, if it was darker roasted sweetness I might like it more. That’s possibly due to the fermentation temperature not being controlled enough.

    Food wise… not sure what goes well with this. Maybe anything, as long as it’s not too plain or too salty.

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