Wildly Inaccurate Facts About Beer

Brewing is a fun process, but it does take time and occasionally there’s waiting involved; waiting for a boil to finish for example.  Also, since The Rules of Home Brew state that you should be drinking home brew while making home brew, things get a little ridiculous sometimes.

So here’s some fact about beer that are in no way true:

  1. “Beer” is Latin for “super happy fun time liquid.”
  2. All the great leaders of human history were known to drink at least six pints of beer a day.
  3. History’s villains were widely known to be adverse to beer.
  4. IPA works as a good deodorant because of the extra hops.
  5. Yeast is a magical organism that was created when Jesus and Buddha gave each other a high five.
  6. In Japan a special breed of cows are fed the used grains of beer. They are tagged with the type of grain they eat so later they can be cooked and matched with the perfect beer.
  7. Beer was used in the middle ages to cure many diseases. In the the 14th century the excessive consumption for beer for the 100 Year War and following shortage is universally accepted as the reason for the outbreak and devastation of the black plague.
  8. Many notable physicists have predicted that if they’re able to get certain styles of beer to absolute zero, a hole in the fabric of space-time will open giving humanity the answers to an uncountable amount of questions about the universe.
  9. The Big Bang occurred after God mistakenly over primed a bottle of stout and the bottle exploded. This created the universe and all of existence.
  10. Prior to the Big Bang of course was the Big Brew.  A different variety of beer was made every day for six days, then drank on the seventh day.  Note: God is able to speed up the fermentation process because, yeah, he’s God.

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