Wildly Accurate Facts About Beer

Since we have inaccurate facts about beer, we also thought it may be a good to provide some useful information…

So here’s some facts about beer:

  1. The Australian Taxation Office demands that beer have at least four International Bitterness Units and at least 1.15% alcohol by volume.
  2. In many early British and other European colonies, it was safer to drink beer than the local water.  Many areas had laws that residents must only drink beer, even children.
  3. Related to Number 2, although the pilgrims on the Mayflower were traveling to Virginia, they were forced to stop at Plymouth because they ran out of beer.
  4. Prohibition was a stupid idea.
  5. Yeast is a fungus.
  6. Michael Jackson is both the name of a pop star as well as a beer critic who helped start an interest in good beer back in the 1970s.
  7. Beer is tasty.
  8. The world’s first beer for outer space was (and still is) made in Australia.
  9. Blue light can interact with some hops compounds causing skunking.  Brown bottles filter out this colour and help prevent this.  Clear or green bottles do not.
  10. A bar in Melbourne makes a lager called Piss. They used to make a low alcohol version is called Piss Weak.
  11. The original text of the German Purity Law (the Reinheitsgebot) only allowed water, barley, and hops as ingredients of beer, but it did not allow yeast, as they didn’t know that this was the organism that caused fermentation.  Yeast was inadvertently because brewers would take sediment from the previous batch and add it to the new batch.
  12. India Pale Ale, more widely known as IPA, is so named because because the pale ale style of beer popular in England couldn’t make it to India by boat during the colonial years without spoiling.  Not to go without their beer, the Brits added more hops and more alcohol to their standard pale ale; this acted as a natural preservative.

4 thoughts on “Wildly Accurate Facts About Beer

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  2. carniebrew says:

    I think you need something in here about the German Purity Law, and how it used to not allow for yeast to be an ingredient in beer (because nobody knew how sugar turned into alcohol back then!)

    • Chas says:

      I forgot about the German Purity Laws! I haven’t updated the facts in awhile, maybe I’ll put my research hat on this weekend and update…

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