The Friedlieb coffee porter – review

Was meant to put this up a week ago. Then things happened. And now it’s this week.

The Friedlieb coffee porter

The Friedlieb coffee porter in glasses

As part of the massive bottling day, I mean brew day, there were some taste testing.

One was the coffee porter from a few weeks ago. We cracked one open, not smashed it open. Up front there was plenty of malt and coffee aromas. You could tell straight away this was going to be a big and complex beer.

First taste got a big malt hit. Rich flavour all the way through giving this beer a strong base. The coffee was also there for the whole journey, not overpowering or overpowered. Has a nice dry finish thanks to the coffee. Good bitterness from start to end but is a little all over the shop.

Some smoke and even hints of chocolate. Chas wants more smoke and I’m sure he’ll talk about that in the comments below. For me, I was happy with the malt profiles and mix in this.

The beer had a slight sweetness hidden in it. Like the bitterness, it wasn’t consistent. Unlike the bitterness, that was distracting. This would probably settle after another two plus weeks of conditioning.

Like the other other coffee porter, OMG The Coffee, this is suited to a lot of foods. Any big rich dinner would work. A lot of desserts would go well. You can substitute this for wherever you need a big dark earthy red wine.


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3 thoughts on “The Friedlieb coffee porter – review

  1. Chas says:

    Yeah, I want to add a bit more peated barley and give it a bit more smokiness. We’ll see what that does to the overall profile of the beer and go from there. Then up the recipe and make this in bulk!

    • Chas says:

      Also, I didn’t get the sweetness you mentioned. Did you mean the sweetness was distracting or the bitterness? I’ll have another taste and have a think before the next batch.

      • mikey says:

        The sweetness was distracting. There wasn’t much, but it didn’t work for me. Like I said another two or more weeks would probably soften that out. Plus the bitterness would also smoothen out.

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