Happy Brew Year!

Hi all, welcome to 2014!

We Make Home Brew isn’t quite a year old yet, but we still managed to do quite a bit in 2013, and we’re very happy to have shared it all here.

If I’ve been counting correctly, we did about 30 brews this year, which is a pretty good effort.  We ranged in styles from lagers, to ales, to ciders; making a few mistakes and making some very good beer as well.  We also saw the invention of the Home Brew Couch and the Brew Cave (AKA Mikey’s garage).  Of course, we also drank quite a lot of home brew along the way.  Drinking home brew while making home brew is part of the rules after all…

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to making even more beer in 2014!

-Chas and Mikey

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