Handy Sections Added!

Have you ever come to this website and thought “I love We Make Home Brew!  Getting regular updates on different home brews is great, but if I want to find an older recipe, kit, or review, I have to scroll back through every thing, it’s just a whole lot of no fun that takes away from the otherwise enjoyable experience of reading about home brew.  I mean, hey, I like reading about home brew as much as the next guy, but who has the time?!”

Well, firstly, thank you for taking so much time to think about this humble site, and wanting to read older stories.  Secondly, we’ve got it sorted for you!

There is now a recipes section, a kits section, and a reviews section with listings by style to relevant articles.  Links to these sections are above with all the other sections.

So have a browse and check back regularly.  It will be fun to see the list grow!

– Chas

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