Drinking Home Brew With Jet Lag or I’m Back!

Well, I’m back from my holiday!  A special thanks to Mikey for looking after the blog and updating everything while I was away.

I am currently extremely jet lagged but trying to stay awake, to move through it.  Thankfully, I still had a bottle of The Friedlieb handy; it’s a nice refreshing porter, but still has a caffeine hit!  This went nicely as an after work pick me up.

Being away for so long, my beer had some good time to bottle condition, and I hope to try a bottle of the IPA we made a little while ago this weekend.  This will be before the official taste test that Mikey and I will get around to in time.

Coming back to my home brew collection with fresh eyes, it’s also apparent that I need to do a bit of an inventory…  I have a habit of wanting to save the last bottle of a batch, “just in case.”  I don’t even know what I have anymore or where it is in the various cabinets and places i stash my beer.  I think this weekend will call for a bit of an inventory.

You know you have a home brew problem when you have to take inventory.  This is a good problem to have I suppose.

Then: back to brewing!

Anyway, the holiday was great.  I managed to try some great craft beer in Scotland and Sweden.  I even had a Norwegian Brown Ale.  Hopefully it’s given me some inspiration!


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